Sucker for a Sunset ❤



Sometimes things don’t work out like you plan them, sometimes the timing is off. Other times everything falls into place, so neat and in sync it would almost make you sick but hardly anything is ever that perfect.

Every person is going through life, whether it is in the lap of luxury or dirt floor poor. Well I’m somewhere inbetween, probably on the lower end of the spectrum to most people and maybe on the higher end to few. 

Some would call me crazy for living in an old farm house from the 1930’s, we cool our house with open windows and heat it with a wood stove. We  butcher the steers in spring, pick our corn in the summer, harvest beans in the fall and split wood in the winter and repeat every year.

It may not be the best life but it’s my life and I have my own little slice of heaven.

Nuttin Butt Fun Fest 

Many people across the nation, even the world are going to be attending music festivals this summer, varying from country to hip hop, folk songs and rock’n’roll. One festival in particular caught my attention, mostly because I am on the committee for the event, so call me biased. The Nuttin Butt Fun Music Festival and Poker Run in quaint Parker, Kansas is once a year and has just a little bit of everything.

The day starts off with the Poker Run, a motorcycle ride that has numerous stops at taverns and dives, along scenic and winding roads.

One might question the name of the Nuttin Butt Fun Music Festival and Motorcycle Run but it’s simple, our staple attraction are the turkey fries, which are turkey testicles (don’t knock ’til you try it), we even have a homemade fry sauce. If turkey fries aren’t quite your thing we do have vendors at the festival with a “more normal” menu.

My favorite part of the festival though is the live music. The bands kick off around noon and give a wide variety to listeners, ranging from original songs and classic covers everyone knows.

So if your looking for something to do next summer come on through Parker, Kansas where the nuts are hot and the beer is cold!

Wedding on a Budget 

Hoe many of you have your dream wedding all planned out on Pinterest?  I like most of you had the very special “MRS.” board, all ready to go for my special day. I had the dress, food, a cute little “pick a seat not a side” sign and everything down to the custom cake topper. Now my big day is quickly approaching and I’m realizing the “Perfect Dream Wedding” is a bit out of touch with reality.

My fiancé and I are paying for the entire wedding, aside from my dress and the videographer that I desperatemy wanted, so my parents are helping. Let me tell you it has been a little tough coming to terms that I can’t have everything exactly how I want it (only child here). Here’s how I’m coping.

The food- a good family friend owns a restaurant and we are making all the food ourselves to help cut cost. We are also going with a nontraditional food, oh so good comfort food though, chicken noodle soup, chili,  cornbread muffins and biscuits. With our wedding being in October in the Midwest I figured it would be the perfect meal!

The cake- Well the truth is our guests won’t get cake, we’re making some cupcakes but our main dessert is apple, peach and cherry pie. I love to bake and great grandma had a pie crust recipe fit for the gods.

The photographer- Our photographer is actually a friend of my fiancé’s friends from college, so that will help us save a little money, ya know friends discount.

The DJ- I booked my DJ so far in advance that they gave me a deal on 6 hours of playing the reception and the ceremony speakers for free! 

Those are just some of the things I did to cut my budget back for my big day, if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them!

Things are looking up!

Do you ever just have a day when you feel unstoppable? Well today is that day for me, for some reason everything just seems to be clicking and I couldn’t be happier.

I am enrolled in all my classes for the spring, just waiting on financial aid-headache, and then I’ll be only have one class to finish up my other associates. That means in the fall I could possibly start my back for my bachelor’s degree.

Also I have always loved making jewelry but I just haven’t lately, so I went out and got my tools and made some things, Etsy Shop coming soon! I am so excited!

But anyways, I hope you all are having a fabulous day! Don’t forget to get out and follow your dreams!

It’s not goodbye..

Do any of you have that one or select few friends you would do anything for? Someone that you’ve dedicated part of your life to there happiness and well being? If not, I hope you find those people, your people, that you can call your best friends and soul mates. The reason I bring this up is because one of my soul mates is leaving for Indiana tomorrow and I’m not sure when she will be back.

Our journey starts my second year of college, in a psychology class, with a teacher that liked to talk about herself way too much. I walked in, probably hungover so I didn’t notice Jackie at first and I actually didn’t talk to her until a couple weeks into the class.

True to form back then, I didn’t meet her until I was at work, where she had just been hired, we discovered we were in the same class. We bonded instantly since we were both from around KC and had worked at bars previous to working at Sharky’s. Then the turn of events happened, I will keep this to the paperback version, Jackie and I got highly intoxicated together, she puked in a five gallon bucket, hit her nose on the side, literally broke her nose, and ended up on my couch. All the while I took a shot of Rumplemintz (peppermint schnapps), on top various other mixtures of alcohol, got sick in the bar, under a booth, actually, and outside by the dumpster. We were very classy that night, we had to be driven home and big surprise, I HAD TO WORK THE NEXT MORNING. Have you ever been hungover at work? It’s ten times worse when you work at a bar.

After that night it was a norm for Jackie to come over and hang out, she spent the night most of the time, until one day my roommates and I were talking and we decided to ask her to move in with us. We invited her over for pizza, all sitting around our kitchen table, I think Paige said, “so, are you going to move in with us?” Jackie of course said “yes!”

The very next day, I helped her move out of her old apartment and into our house, we all have been inseparable ever since. Jackie has recently graduated nursing school and is moving back to Indiana and that was one of the hardest good byes I’ve ever had to deal with.

We are each other’s people, we cried and laughed together. We have danced and drank together, even yelled at each other a couple times but she is my best friend and I’m going to miss her like crazy. Paige and I are trying to get her to stay in Kansas but it’s hard when her family is in Indiana. I know that one day she will come back whether it be to visit or stay but it is still hard not knowing when. I told her though, “It’s not goodbye but until next time,” and then we cried.

Family Time

Yesterday my Mom brought her parents to Jesse and I’s home and it was everything I expected.

They got here around noon, perfect time to go grab lunch at the gas station/restaurant, the only one in town by the way. I had to, of course, introduce them to everyone that walked in because everyone knows Jesse.

After lunch we took a tour of the quaint little town, Jesse drove us by his lumber yard and concrete plan, explained the inner workings of the concrete molds, the contracting side, etc, etc.

Heritage Park is the land that Jesse and his family donated to the city for a place for people to gather and a gazebo that his brother actually got married at. My favorite part is that for the sidewalk, they sold concrete slabs to people to design and most put their family names and some put an “In Memory Of,” it really solidifies that the tiny community is one big family.

As we retired back to the house we sat on the patio and talked about our family members and what the plan is for Christmas. I truly cherish these moments especially because they don’t happen as often as I like, but that’s for a different time.

I hope that y’all are having a great weekend and have an amazing Sunday.